Welcome to the website of the Klinik Fallingbostel
Dear readers
I am glad that you are interested in the clinic and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our web site. The Klinik Fallingbostel is

a centre for specialized rehabilitation and in this respect is able to offer help to patients with various medical indications. Information on individual fields of medicine will be presented in detail in the other sections ... read more

Medical Service Profile of the International Department for Rehabilitation of the Hospital Fallingbostel

Since 1978 the Hospital Fallingbostel has attended to 4000 in-patients every year, making it one of the largest rehabilitation hospitals in Northern Germany. The Hospital Fallingbostel is the only rehabilitation hospital in Germany that specializes in ‘Vacumed’, a method for improving blood circulation in the legs which has its origins in ... more information here